For 80 Years, We've Stood The Test of Time.

There’s tremendous value in working with a commercial real estate company   that has withstood the tests of time: the ups and downs of the economy, the cyclical nature of development and investing, the whims of the marketplace.

Waters Incorporated, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a commercial real estate firm that's eighty years strong.

We survived The Great Depression and so we offer not only the wisdom of experience but also forward thinking and a proactive approach that continues to enable us to succeed in today's highly competitive commercial real estate environment.

Our expertise is in commercial property management and leasing, investment brokerage, acquisitions and self storage.

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Charlotte, NC

Waters Incorporated
Commercial Real Estate
Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: 704-333-0794 • Waters Incorporated • 301 S. McDowell Street, Suite 210   Charlotte, NC   28204
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